Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christmas Cakes

Coca Cola Cake

My husband works for Coke and for the christmas party this year, I made a festive little cake!

Webkins Birthday

My cousin Abby is really into Webkins and wanted a birthday cake to match her favorite pet.

20th Birthday Cake

My cousin turned the big 2-0 in December. My aunt threw her a surprise party with a surprise cake!

Birthday Cake

My best friend lives out of town and has been bugging me to make her a cake for awhile now. I finally did for her 'un-numbered' birthday this year! It was small and perfect for her!

10th Birthday Cake

50th Wedding Anniversary

40th Birthday Cake

Brother's 18th Birthday

My brother's friend had a surprise party for his big 18th birthday. And of course I did a Duck cake for him!